Disaster Recovery Design

Catastrophes and tragedy can happen at any time. Forward thinking companies must plan for the worst. Ask yourself:“Is my data recoverable”?

In the event of a disaster, your data systems must be up and running within minutes, if not seconds. Quick response is essential to your operation. Losing days of activity means losing both revenue and client confidence.

An effective data backup solution in the event of a catastrophe for any organization is critical. Yet, many data centers still do not have well-documented and tested provisions for data recovery. Not planning for the “unthinkable” is neglectful. Diligent companies with a solvent plan of action saves valuable time and money in this urgent time of need.

Determining what is needed to satisfy Service Level Agreements and the demands of auditors does not have to be complicated. We will review your current practices and architecture and develop a set of data recovery designs that meet your specific needs. We believe you will find our solutions more efficient and cost-effective than your current data recovery plan.

  • SAN to SAN Replication
  • Heterogeneous Replication Software
  • Leveraging Virtualization
  • RAID 10 Data Recovery
  • VMWare Data Recovery
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