Architecting & Consulting

We help you find innovative, safe data backup solutions that fit your company’s needs. Our team of experts review any current problems, troubleshoot for future issues and implement the best sound decisions for your important data.

  • Backup and Recovery Solution Scope Reviews and Training
  • Project & Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Solving Bottlenecks and Data Staging Problems
  • Single Point of Failure Reviews
  • Storage Deployment and Design
  • Solution Training and Support
  • Option Grading and Vendor Interfacing

For Enterprise, medium and even small businesses. We have a backup and recovery strategy that’s right for you.

Consulting Services Details

Normal Business Hours, 8:00AM-5:00PM (M-F, Excluding Holidays)
$200.00/Hour (2 Hour min. + one way drive time if over 30 miles from Mercury Storage HQ)
$750.00 ½ Day (3-5 hours + one way drive time if over 30 miles from Mercury Storage HQ)
$1,500 Full Day (5-8 Hours + one way drive time if over 30 miles from Mercury Storage HQ)

  • 1.5x / hour for After Hours (After 5:00PM M-Th)
  • 2.0x / hour for Weekends (Friday after 5:00PM - Monday 8:00AM)
  • 3.0x / hour for US Official Holidays
  • $1,500/day for "Special" installs
    • (Normal Business Hours - Please ask if special hours are required)

Mercury Storage Retainer Contracts

Additional support outside of Standard Vendor Support Contract
Normal Business Hours* 8:00AM-5:00PM (M-F, Excluding Holidays)
Special Hours* (7 x 24)
*Overtime and travel rules apply.

Pre-paid Engagement Contracts

Client pre-pays for bulk hours in blocks, e.g.:

  • 20 Hours…….. $3,500…….. $175/hr (per hour equivalent)
  • 50 Hours…….. $8,000…….. $160/hr (per hour equivalent)
  • 100 Hours…… $15,000…... $150/hr (per hour equivalent)

Hours can be used for scheduled installations and maintenance of systems, or transferred to consulting time credits.

Benefits: Reduces costs, increases familiarity of environment, and provides preferential call status.

Renewals: Unused hours expire after one year of purchase. Overtime and travel rules apply.
Overtime will reduce hours according to above multipliers.

Please contact us for more information and a no-cost consultation.

Requirements (partial list): Work Order Proposal for Review & Sign-offs, Credit Approval, review and agreements of Terms and Conditions with listing of Work Order - includes proposed scheduling). All pricing subject to change and confirmation of availability.

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