Choosing Your Data Storage Strategy  Is Easy

Mercury Storage researches multiple vendors, sorts out the fact from fiction, and recommends cutting-edge technology solutions that are specific to your needs.

Synergize with vendors

Work with Mercury Storage to simplify the process.

Manage the life cycle of your data storage

Mercury Storage data experts assist in everything from strategy to archiving.

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Innovative Solutions


Cloud Based File Storage Services (SIaaS)

Secure cloud-based storage services provide global access to file data with continual backups.

Enterprise Storage Arrays

Consolidate data storage on intelligent storage arrays.

Backup & Replication Software

Backup, restore, and replicate data to disc and/or tape.

Archiving Software

Manage long-term archiving of file data to disc and/or tape.

Lower-Tier Storage Arrays

Store data on scalable, low-cost disk platforms.

Backup Targets

Data recovery from disk and/or tape.

Archive Targets

Disk and/or tape archiving targets.

Architect and Connect

Design and implementation services: switches, servers, tape media and cables.